Our vision remains constant:  to be a leading renewable energy project developer that is focused on Africa in engineering the power gap for sustainable development.

Renewable energy technologies are projected to play a much larger role in meeting the energy needs of the emerging economies. Falling costs, growing environmental awareness and focused political attention bring promise that renewable energy technologies will live up to their potential, especially in rural areas in Africa. In line with its moto of “Powering Emerging Markets”, Terra Global has been working to help meet rural power needs through the development and expansion of renewable energy technologies.

Since its inception, Terra Global has achieved tremendous success. Terra Global maintains a promising pipeline of projects which ensure our continued upward trajectory in meeting our mission of engineering the power gap in Africa. Our projects add value and opportunity to the African economy and our economic development initiatives continue to achieve tangible results.

As we look toward the future, we take this opportunity to recognize our partners for their support rendered to date. The success of our combined endeavors so far is something that we can all be proud of.